Modern Authentication / Outlook 2016 Password / OWA / App Password

In Office 365 two factor authentication (2FA), App Password is used for older versions of Microsoft Outlook or for non-outlook clients on devices like MACs or smart phones. After enforcing 2FA in Office 365 and if you are trying to configure Outlook 2016 for email, and Outlook keeps rejecting the password that you have been […]

How to Force Sync Azure AD Connect with Azure Office 365

  If you have Azure AD Connector with Azure Office 365 and want to force Sync AD with Azure when you have just created a new user, start PowerShell on the server that has Azure AD Connect installed and type: import-Module ADSync Get-ADSyncScheduler Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta  

How to Connect to Office 365 Through Powershell

1- In Windows run PowerShell as an admin 2- Install PowerShell v2 if not installed Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement 3- Import Exchange Online Management module Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement 4- Connect to Office 365 with admin user Connect-ExchangeOnline  -UserPrincipalName Replace above with office 365 administrator account.  You will be prompted for credentials. 5- After that if […]

How to renew OAUTH SSL Certificate in Exchange

  Open Exchange PowerShell on the Exchange server Run the following command (replace *.domainname below with the domain name) New-ExchangeCertificate -KeySize 2048 -PrivateKeyExportable $true -SubjectName “CN= Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate” -DomainName “*.domainname” -FriendlyName “Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate” -Services SMTP Answer No to over-write Write down the certificate thumpprint Type: $date = Get-Date Type: […]

Site link to create or delete Microsoft Office 365 App password

TO Create or Delete Microsoft Office 365 App password that is used for non Microsoft apps with two Factor Authentication (2FA).    

Renewing VMware esxi 6.0 SSL certificate – Certificate Error – Host – vCenter

If the self-assigned VMware esxi 6.0 SSL Certificate expired on a Host and displaying a warning or an error in vCenter on the Host, you will need to renew that SSL Certificate. The certificate can’t be renewed through the VMware vSphere client, but can be renewed via the Web Client but unfortunately that would require […]

PowerShell failed to invoke ‘New-FederationTrust’: Unable to access the Federation Metadata document from the federation partner

We were in the process of migrating on premise Exchange to 2013 on Windows Server 2012 to office 365  and while installing the Hybrid Configuration Wizard we were getting the following error. PowerShell failed to invoke ‘New-FederationTrust’: Unable to access the Federation Metadata document from the federation partner. Detailed information: “The underlying connection was closed: […]

Exchange mailbox move – Unable to open message store. hr=0x80040111, ec=-2147221231

When trying to move a mailbox from one Exchange server 2008/2010/2013 to another or from Database to another you get the error message below.  Fixing it is easy if you have used ASDIEdit before.  Basically you are going to reset the Exchange Mailbox Move Values… Sample Error: Data migrated: Migration rate: Error: MigrationTransientException: Failed to […]

–use-spdy%3Doff’s server IP address could not be found –disable-http2

When you click on a web/html link in email Google Chrome or the default Internet Browser opens up the link plus two tabs.  The two tabs would say: “—use-spdy%3Doff’s server IP address could not be found” -AND- “—disable-http2’s server IP address could not be found”   Solution: Your Windows PC is infected with a malware. […]

There are blocking issues for the physical-to-virtual conversion, there is no BCD boot…

There are two traditional ways to move physical machines to Hyper-V virtual machine using Microsoft Tools. 1- Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter When you try to convert a Windows server 2012 for example from physical to a VM, you might get the following error: Microsoft Virtual machine Converter encountered an error while attempting to convert the […]

The ACE doesn’t exist on the object

When attempting to remove permissions from Exchange server mailbox using Exchange Management Shell… Powershell Remove-MailboxPermission -identity…. You get the following error WARNING: Can’t remove the access control entry on the object… because the ACE doesn’t exist on the object. There is abundance of articles on the Internet on to deal with this… mostly confusing and […]

Windows Server 2016 Evaluation fails to activate 0xc004f050

If you are running a Windows Server 2016 standard 180 days evolution copy that you downloaded off Microsoft Website and try to activate the installation with a product key that you purchased for Microsoft Server 2016, you might get an error message saying that it can’t activate, or that you entered a product key that […]

SonicWALL – Can not access the appliance for Security. Please contact administrator

When you try to access SonicWALL SMA (Secure Mobile Appliance) using NetExtender you get “SonicWALL – Can not access the appliance for Security. Please contact administrator” Resolution: Make sure you type the domain correctly in the NetExtender and with the right case. The domain is Case Sensitive.  So if your domain on the SMA is configured […]

Can’t RDP to Windows 7 machine – Remote Desktop

Can’t remote desktop into a Windows 7 – RDP Run registry editor, regedit, and make sure PortNumber under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-TCP is 3389 in Decimal  

httpCookies httpOnlyCookies=”true” requireSSL=”true” – PCI vulnerability

If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server running OWA that failed a PCI vulnerability scan because of the following: <httpCookies httpOnlyCookies=”true” requireSSL=”true”/> Here what we can do to remediate it on the Windows server. Schedule a brief downtime for the Exchange Server while IIS restarts below. Launch IIS on the Exchange server, go to Default Web […]

Disabling TLS 1.0 Windows Server 2008-2012 – Exchange – PCI 3.1 Scan

  If you have to comply to recent PCI standards, a PCI scan on your Exchange server might reveal that it’s no longer compliant because TLS 1.0 is still enabled on it and you need to disable TLS 1.0 to pass test.  This applies to Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016.  Not sure about 2007… Tried the […]

Duo Two Factor Authentication -Microsoft Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) Server.

Setting up Duo Two Factor Authentication with Microsoft Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) Server: We installed the Duo Proxy on a separate server than the Microsoft RRAS server. We couldn’t get it to work on the same server. When we ran it on the same server, we were getting errors like the following: “The connection was […]

Scan to network share SMB not working – Windows Updates

After applying one of Jan 2018 Windows updates to windows servers 2012 and could be 2008, scanning to network shares SMB fails from Network printers/copiers, the scan user gets locked out at times. We’ve had issues with different kind of copiers like Canon iR3035, imageRUNNER 6275 and image RUNNER advance iR-ADV4235. One full week of troubleshooting the […]

Exchange server Mailboxes size report 2010 2013 2016

Exchange Server Mailboxes size report 2010 2013 2016   Create a C:\Temp1 directory. Obtain Mailbox Database name from the Microsoft Exchange Console that would look like “Mailbox Database XXXXXXXXXXX” Using Exchange PowerShell (Run as Admin) , type the following: Get-MailboxStatistics -Database   “Mailbox Database XXXXXXXXXXX”  | Select DisplayName, ItemCount, TotalItemSize | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -Descending | […]

Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update CU 18 Fails – Certificate

When trying to install Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 18 or others, update terminates with the following error: ————— The following error was generated when “$error.Clear(); Install-ExchangeCertificate -services IIS -DomainController $RoleDomainController if ($RoleIsDatacenter -ne $true -And $RoleIsPartnerHosted -ne $true) { Install-AuthCertificate -DomainController $RoleDomainController } ” was run: “System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The certificate is expired. at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.ThrowError(Exception exception, ErrorCategory errorCategory, […]

How to Allow Windows Remote Desktop remotely through command line

How to modify firewall rules remotely command line Windows 7 How to allow Remote Desktop remotely through command line Download psexec Extract to al temp place. Make sure you are able to access remote computer NetBIOS name i.e \\RemoteComputerName without getting an error message On your local computer, from command line and from the […]

Windows update will not download – stuck at 0% downloading

Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 Virtual Machine VM – Hyper-v Windows update will not download – stuck at 0% downloading.  Every time I start windows update it won’t download the updates.  Download bar keeps on running and moving but nothing downloads and the percentage stays at 0%. Ran into this issue several times. Go to the Ethernet […]

Boot/Start Windows to Safe Mode from Command Line – Windows Server 2012 R2

  How to force Windows server 2012 R2 to boot/restart/start into Safe Mode after restart: Go to Command Line, and type: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal Reboot Windows and it will start in Safe Mode   To change Windows to boot normal from command line while in safe mode. Go to Command Line, and type: […]

Cisco WAP 551 561 SSID disappearing – Stop Broadcasting

Cisco Wireless Access Points WAP551 and 561 stop broadcasting SSID intermittently, sometimes every day or two. WAP551 is a Cisco Wireless-N Single Radio Selectable-Band Access Point Had to troubleshoot this issue for a customer. We noticed this happening more when WAP radio is configured in 5GHz mode Issue was caused by a new wireless feature […]

Error Connecting to the MKS: Error Connecting to the /bin/vmx process – Veeam, VMware

We had a VM on VMware ESX that kept locking up mysteriously once or twice a week.  The server would become inaccessible, we would have to shut it down to get it back and running. Upon investigation, and while looking on the vCenter we noticed that error message. “Error Connecting to the MKS: Error Connecting […]

OneDrive issues users 90 day notice

Microsoft has given its users of there cloud storage service OneDrive, their 90-day notice. Microsoft is shrinking its free storage size from 15GB to 5GB in late July. That is a 67% reduction in storage size. The reduction will take effect on July 27,2016. As part of the storage space cuts, Microsoft eliminated two paid plans that had […]

Shortcuts disappearing – Windows 7 desktop – Network drives

If shortcuts including network drives links are disappearing randomly from Windows 7 Desktops, here what you can do to address issue: 1)) Apply the following hotfix from Microsoft   2)) Disable “System Maintenance troubleshooter” Control Panel.  Go to Control panel In control Panel (Change view to  Category).  Under System and Security, click Find and fix problems. […]

Multiple WiFi APs – WAPs – Same SSID – Zero hand-off

  If you are looking to have a reliable WiFi solution where you will have multiple WAPs covering a wide physical area, and would like them to broadcast the same SSID, you can accomplish without even considering a WiFi controller.   Fairly easy and affordable.  Worked great every time for us. Consider Cisco WAP 551. It costs […]

Veeam error – Cannot complete the operation because the file or folder [] already exists

You are getting this error in Veeam replication. ———- Processing Server01 Error: Cannot complete the operation because the file or folder [] already exists Details Preparing replica VM Error: Cannot complete the operation because the file or folder [] already exists Error: Cannot complete the operation because the file or folder [] already exists —– Solutions: […]

How to Reset Forgotten Windows Administrator Password

How to reset Windows 7/XP administrator forgotten password: Download the following tool. Unzip and copy all unzipped content to the usb Run command line as admin Change drive to the usb drive. If it is e: E: Enter Type e:syslinux -ma e: Boot from USB drive now to reset password

How to Force STOP/Kill a service – Windows server

To Force stop or kill a Windows server service stuck in stopping status, run Command Line as an Admin.  Type: taskkill /f /pid [PID] Where PID is the process ID.  You can find the process ID of that service in Task Manager under Processes.  In the View menu of the Task manager you can choose […]

Database is mandatory on UserMailbox. Property Name: Database

When you try to install the mailbox role of Exchange 2010 while upgrading from Exchange 2003, you get “Database is mandatory on UserMailbox. Property Name: Database…” and installation fails. Also when you open up Exchange Management Console or Exchange Powershell: VERBOSE: Connecting to myserver.domain.internal [myserver.domain.internal] Processing data from remote server failed with the following error […]

How to backup VMs

  If you are looking to backup virtual machines of Hyper-v or VMWare and looking for a free software to do it, you might want to consider Veeam (www.Veeam,com).  One of the features that wont be available since you will be using the free edition is being able to schedule backup Jobs from within Veeam. […]

How to build HTTP and HTTPS polices to use Webblocker and deny access based on Source IP Network/address or IP range

This is a quick published article that doesn’t include much detail but will give you very helpful hints. WatchGuard uses Proxy settings to achieve such resolution. WatchGuard can act as a proxy to intercept HTTP/HTTPS requests in order to allow or deny access to sites based on source or destination networks or ports according to […]

HP EliteBook Screen issue

HP EliteBook 8440P Screen Flickers – Ambient Light Sensor:   Had this laptop with Windows 7 and sent twice to HP to fix and replace the display and every time it came back I had the same issue with the screen flickering. The following seems to have fixed it. 1- Download and apply the latest […]

Backup Exec VSS Error

Windows Server 2008 R2 – Backup Exec 2010 / 12.5 – AOFO: Initialization failure on: “\\SERVER01\Microsoft Information Store\Information Store”. Advanced Open File Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). V-79-10000-11226 – VSS Snapshot error. The Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot provider selected returned: “Unexpected provider error”. Ensure that all provider services are […]

Windows 8 to 7 Downgrade

Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 Freezes and hangs – How to install Windows 7: Scenario: I had a brand new HP ProBook 4440s Laptop that came preloaded with Windows 8. Customer wanted to downgrade it to Windows 7 x64 but during the very initial steps of the Windows 7 installation, the Windows installation screen […]

Cisco RV082 Config Example

Example: Cisco RV082 One To One NAT – Access Rules Example Example: Public IP Address: Private IP Address: In this example we will NAT to and open up TCP Port 23 (Telnet) to the inside host from outside. – Login to the Cisco RV 082 through the browser – On the […]

Exchange 2010 Testing the OPTIONS command

Exchange 2010 Testing the OPTIONS command failed – Activesync: Last week we deployed a new Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server on a Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller (We know! it’s not recommended but due to the client’s budget constraints we had to do it and it worked just fine). We purchased and installed an SSL certificate […]

Symantec Backup Exec backup to USB Disk

Symantec Backup Exec backup to USB Disk – 546 The log file sector size does not match the sector size of the current volume – Microsoft Exchange Information Store (IS) using Granular Restore Technology (GRT). Scenario: You are backing up Exchange 2007 Information Store running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 […]

Reset Juniper Firewall Admin Password

How to Reset Juniper Firewall Admin Password – Reset to Factory Default – Forgotten password: Scenario: You have a Juniper SSG-140 firewall appliance that you’ve forgotten the admin password. You don’t have any other user to login with. You have a backup of the SSG-140 configuration. Resolution: The following instructions will reset the SSG-140 to […]

IP NAT and PAT Examples

Network Address Translation: Cisco – IP NAT and PAT Examples: Example 1: Allow all outgoing traffic PAT local network as Allow incoming SMTP traffic (TCP Port 25) to that will be NAT’d as Default Gateway ! Interface Ethernet0 IP address Description Outside-NIC IP nat outside IP virtual-reassembly Interface FastEthernet0 […]

How to Start Active Directory Users and Computers

How to Start Active Directory Users and Computers from Command Line: Go to Start –> Run and Type dsa.msc

OWA Search won’t work

OWA Search won’t work on Exchange 2010 SP1 and SP2 When you search in Outlook Web Access, the search doesn’t bring up anything. One cause of the issue could be that the index folder on the Exchange server needs to be rebuilt . Under Services make sure that the “Microsoft Exchange Indexer Service” is enabled. […]

Cisco ASA 5505 Configuration Example

Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall Configuration Example : ASA Version 8.0(3) ! hostname ASA5505 domain-name domain.local enable password /z4VVuCaYOFObhYQ encrypted no names name name Server1 ! interface Vlan1 nameif inside security-level 100 ip address ! interface Vlan2 nameif outside security-level 0 ip address ! interface Ethernet0/0 switchport access vlan […]

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 To 2010 Upgrade

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 To 2010 Requirements and Migration – Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2: Prepare: Ask users to clean up their mailboxes, empty deleted items ahead of time so you can cut down on mailbox move time. Prepare: connect the two Exchange servers to the same Gigabit switch to speed up the […]

Windows Updates Error 80071A90

Windows 7 – Windows Updates keeps failing with Error 80071A90: Scenario: When trying to install Windows updates on a Windows 7 PC and after you reboot to apply, Windows reverts back changes and doesn’t apply updates as if nothing has happened! Resolutions: KB2647753 is the fix. Click Here to Download KB2647753 apply it and restart. […]

windows search error

Windows Search and Windows Updates don’t work after replacing laptop drives with a newer bigger cloned Hard Drive or after replacing one of the RAID disks: Scenario: You have a Windows computer and space is running out. You replace it with a newer and bigger cloned/imaged hard drive (cloned with Symantec Ghost for instance). After […]

Default Credentials Ricoh MP C2551

Default Username and Password for Ricoh MP C2551 Printer: User: Admin Password: blank (no password) For security purposes, change it when you can. If you find this article helpful, please send us a note to 

How to Stop, Start or force restart iSeries Fax Support

How to Stop, Start or Force Restart iSeries AS400 Enhanced Fax Support: 1- End Fax Support ENDFAXSPT FAXD(*ALL) ENHSRV(*YES) and press ENTER 2- Confirm that the QFAXSBS and QFQSBS subsystems have ended: WRKSBS You might need to wait for a few minutes for them to end 3- Vary off and on the controllers: WRKCFGSTS CFGTYPE(*CTL) […]