Error Connecting to the MKS: Error Connecting to the /bin/vmx process – Veeam, VMware

We had a VM on VMware ESX that kept locking up mysteriously once or twice a week.  The server would become inaccessible, we would have to shut it down to get it back and running.

Upon investigation, and while looking on the vCenter we noticed that error message.

“Error Connecting to the MKS: Error Connecting to the /bin/vmx process”

We were unable to login to the Windows VM to see what is happening inside.  The server was un-ping-able either.  We thought of corruption in the beginning.  But Veeam turned out to be the culprit.

We use Veeam backup and replication 8.0 in the environment.  We discovered a snapshot for that VM sitting on VMware.  Every time Veeam finished up the backup or replication  for that VM, it go through “snapshot consolidation” that would lock the server for about 15 minutes.  We removed that snapshot and the VM now is no longer locking up.

We didn’t check with Veeam on that.  We didn’t need that old snapshot either.  Removing the snapshot was all we needed to rectify the issue.

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