There are blocking issues for the physical-to-virtual conversion, there is no BCD boot…

There are two traditional ways to move physical machines to Hyper-V virtual machine using Microsoft Tools.

1- Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter

When you try to convert a Windows server 2012 for example from physical to a VM, you might get the following error:

Microsoft Virtual machine Converter encountered an error while attempting to convert the virtual machine

There are blocking issues for the physical-to-virtual conversion, there is no BCD boot device found in the source machine, noticing that conversion of an EFI boot machine is currently not supported.

2- Disk2VHD

Another tool is Disk to VHD.  And if you you try to covert the physical machine using Disk2VHD tool, then try to boot the CHDdisk in Hyper-V manager you get the following error in Hyper-V Manager:

Boot Failed.  EFI SCSI Device

Boot Failed.  EFI Network

No Operating System was loaded.  Press a key to retry boot sequence



Use Disk2VHD to convert the physical machine to a disk.  Before you do that map the boot partition on the source machine to a drive so when you run the Disk2VHD that partition will get captured.

To do that, go to command line and type:

mountvol V: /S

That will mount the boot partition to a drive called V: drive.  You can choose any other available drive if you want.  Now run Disk2VHD.  That will covert the server’s partitions and disks including the boot to VHD.  Copy to the Hyper-V machine and boot the new VM with that disk.


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