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Office / Outlook 365 Authentication Couldn’t Be Completed, Blank page

We’ve encountered difficulties with Office 365 functionality on macOS systems. When attempting to configure Outlook with Office 365, users encountered the following error message after entering their email address: “Connecting to Office 365 Authentication Couldn’t be Completed Try Again” Moreover, even after successful configuration, Outlook failed to receive emails, accompanied by sporadic pop-up windows that […]

How to search Outlook phrases using AND / OR

How to search Outlook email for phrases using AND / OR First make sure you can use quotations in Outlook search, so you might need to make a registry change https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/unexpected-search-results-when-you-use-double-quotation-marks-to-search-items-in-a-mailbox-in-outlook-d1de87c9-2ce6-0ce7-69b6-a6e872ba14c8 If the leading keys don’t exist, please create them Example of searching Outlook for emails received between 01/01/2019 to 01/01/2023 with phrases, words or […]