How to Reset Forgotten Windows Administrator Password

How to reset Windows 7/XP administrator forgotten password:

Download the following tool.

Unzip and copy all unzipped content to the usb

Run command line as admin

Change drive to the usb drive. If it is e:




e:syslinux -ma e:

Boot from USB drive now to reset password

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  1. Peaflly
    Peaflly says:

    ou can use the disk you used to install your operating system..
    just go into command console with it and change your password..

    If you forgot your super admin pass you can just change the bring up assist file with command.

    Next start up you can then change your pass with that. (shift five times fast)

    Note that all saved passwords erase when you do that, not really circumventing the windows password because the important saved passwords are erased.

    you can also fine more solution here:


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