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bostonIT can provide you with full Helpdesk and
Outsourced IT Services without having to employ
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Why Boston IT?

Boston IT ® is a Boston-based Information Technology (IT) Services company that was founded in 1993 and it provides complete professional IT Services and Managed IT Services for small and medium-sized companies.

For over twenty five years our mission has always been to provide the highest quality of IT Services and to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We follow a unique approach and we have the right tools and the skilled people to manage your network and to help you move forward to grow your business and scale up.

Our Boston IT company is located in the Financial District in the heart of downtown Boston and we provide outstanding Boston IT Support solutions. We also offer a free and no obligation site and network assessment that many companies have already taken advantage of and have trusted us as their IT Services Provider!

As an enterprise class Information Technology service company, the Boston IT model is unique and is designed based on a strong foundation of adaptability, reliability and expertise – you can rest assured knowing you have some of the most talented and accommodating IT service consultants in the industry to back you up.

  • Consulting Services

    Our IT experts will provide an objective, independent perspective to your company to realize the full potential of IT assets and resources.

  • Managed Services

    Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, Boston IT can manage your computer resources, support your end users, and protect your network and data.

  • Security Services

    Professional Security Services from bostonIT deliver comprehensive security assessment and deployment services that can help you adopt effective IT security practices.

  • Helpdesk Services

    bostonIT can provide you with full Helpdesk and Outsourced IT Services without having to employ that permanent IT resources.

  • Computer Services

    Our IBM®, Microsoft® and Cisco® Certified Engineers can help you tune your machined up, fix computers’ problems, and provide you with all necessary services to make sure the machines run smoothly.

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