How to Map Network Drive to a SharePoint Folder

Mapping SharePoint Site/Folder to a network drive is only available with Windows Explorer.  This won’t work with Edge or any other browser.

If your SharePoint URL


And the name of the site MySite (could be blank as it’s the root of SharePoint), and the folder on the root to map called Compliance.

1- Go to Control Panel, Internet Options and add that site to Trusted Site list.

2- Open Internet Explorer, login to the share point site and save password on log in. Documents/Compliance

3- Map the network drive to the Compliance SharePoint folder using the following format

In Explorer choose to Map a network drive, choose a drive and point it to\DavWWWRoot\sites\MySite\Shared Documents\Compliance


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  1. Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey says:

    I have Windows 11. Step 2 says Open Internet Explorer. This is no longer available – only Edge. Will this work the same?



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