How to Connect to Office 365 Through Powershell

1- In Windows run PowerShell as an admin

2- Install PowerShell v2 if not installed:

Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

3- Import Exchange Online Management module:

Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

For Windows 11 you might have to allow running scripts because running scripts is  disabled by default, run this command to allow running scripts.

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned 

4- Connect to Office 365 with admin user:

Connect-ExchangeOnline  -UserPrincipalName

Replace above with office 365 administrator account.  You will be prompted for credentials and a code if multi-factor authentication is enabled.

5- After that if you want, for instance, to grant a user named User1 “Author” permissions on root of public folders

Get-PublicFolder -Identity “\” -Recurse | Add-PublicFolderClientPermission -User  User1 -AccessRights Author

Replace User1 above with the user you want to grant access

6- To view permissions on the public folders called My Public Folder

Get-PublicFolderClientPermission “\My Public Folders”



Remove Forwarding on one account:

Set-Mailbox <MailBox> -ForwardingAddress $Null

Set-Mailbox <MailBox> -ForwardingSmtpAddress $Null

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