How to Schedule Tasks from Command Line Windows 10/11

Learn how to automate daily reboots or shutdowns at specific times using the command line or command prompt in Windows 10/11.

Below is an example of scheduling a computer shutdown daily at 6 PM:

schtasks /create /sc daily /tn ShutdownAt6PM /tr "shutdown -s -f -t 2" /st 18:00 /NP

schtasks: Command used to schedule tasks. The deprecated AT command from earlier Windows versions is no longer supported.

/create: Creates a new task.

/sc: Sets the frequency of the task, such as once or daily.

/tn: Specifies the name of the task, serving as its description.

/tr: Defines the command to execute, like “shutdown -s -f -t 2“. Here, -s initiates shutdown, -f forces shutdown, and -t 2 introduces a 2-second delay. Replace -s with -r to reboot instead of shutting down.

/st: Indicates the time to execute the command.

/NP: Ensures the scheduled task runs on Windows computers irrespective of user logins.

By using this command, you can streamline and automate regular shutdowns or reboots for enhanced system management.

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