Office / Outlook 365 Authentication Couldn’t Be Completed, Blank page

We’ve encountered difficulties with Office 365 functionality on macOS systems.

When attempting to configure Outlook with Office 365, users encountered the following error message after entering their email address:

“Connecting to Office 365

Authentication Couldn’t be Completed

Try Again”

Moreover, even after successful configuration, Outlook failed to receive emails, accompanied by sporadic pop-up windows that quickly closed. Attempts to launch other Office 365 applications such as Word and Excel resulted in blank, white windows.

In our troubleshooting efforts, we undertook several steps:

– Removed and recreated Outlook profiles
– Deleted credentials stored in the Keychain
– Updated the macOS to the latest version

Despite these efforts, the issue persisted. However, when testing the macOS devices outside the office network (e.g., at home or over a hotspot), all Office 365 functionalities worked seamlessly.

Our preliminary conclusion is that the issue stems from the office network environment. We intend to investigate the SonicWall firewall settings and the DHCP server, focusing on potential IPv6-related issues that may be causing the disruption.

This investigation is ongoing, and further updates will follow.