Reset Juniper Firewall Admin Password

How to Reset Juniper Firewall Admin Password – Reset to Factory Default – Forgotten password:


You have a Juniper SSG-140 firewall appliance that you’ve forgotten the admin password. You don’t have any other user to login with. You have a backup of the SSG-140 configuration.


The following instructions will reset the SSG-140 to factory default. Resetting ScreenOS to factory default will wipe out the whole configuration of the device and you need to reconfigure or restore configuration from backup.


1- Connect to it through Console/Serial.
2- Login with the serial number of the SSG as the username and password.
3- You will be prompted whether you want to reset the firewall to factory default.

Once it’s been reset, connect to Ethernet 0/0
Username: netscreen
Password: netscreen

Once have logged in, go to Configuration, Update, Config File and import the backup config file there. If you don’t have a backup config file, you will need to manually re-configure the firewall.


If you don’t have a console cable you can hard reset the Juniper firewall using the following instructions – This will also reset it to factory default:

Push and hold the pinhole on the Juniper. The status LED will turn to a blinking amber so KEEP holding, and when it turns to blinking green, release the pinhole. After 1 second, push and HOLD the pinhole again. The LED will turn to blinking red so KEEP holding until the status LED turns to solid amber or solid green, release right away and wait for the device to reset and come back – give it five minutes. Then connect to it as described above

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