About Boston IT

Boston IT has a long history as an independent IT consulting and IT services company. We began in 1993 as a provider of services on the IBM AS/400 (or what is called today “iSeries” and “System i” Mid-range Systems), and as the market grew in the mid-1990s we branched out into LAN, WAN, Security, Windows, and Linux environments.

bostonIT was founded by Mashal Saad, a former IBM AS400 professional consultant, with a vision to be an independent advocate to businesses in a fast changing environment. Because of our focus in this middle-market tier, we understand our client’s expectations of stability and up time, and what this means to their businesses.

As a professional Information Technology services company, bostonIT has maintained its independence. At the same time, bostonIT has enjoyed strong partnerships with industry-leading technology companies.

We provide our clients a range of services from full IT outsourcing solutions to what we call “the right skill at the right time” solution. Our small and medium clients are typically the ones that choose and benefit from full outsourcing. Our larger clients bring us in for specific skills, such as AS/400 to LAN integration and annual security audits for complicated and well diverse environments.

We believe in the power of defacto-standards, which affects the solutions we recommend, and the partnerships we keep; Microsoft and IBM/Lenovo for desktop and server, Cisco-systems for infrastructure and security.